Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unit testing in Android: Design Patterns to the rescue!

Recently, I have been playing around with Android. Unit-testing your application on Android is slightly cumbersome: the class that you test cannot use any class from AndroidSDK, e.g. View or Activity.

As we will see in the example below, in many cases you can achieve a reasonable testability of your code.

We wish to create a simple game. The view should show playground in which there is several balls. For now we are interested in a snippet that would allow us moving those balls freely around playground.

To that end we create classes Playground and Ball. Playground serves as a facade for accessing Balls. Ball is an object that knows it's position, size and identity.

A naive implementation would look like this: As noted above such code is not unit-testable. A way to work around that is to separate the infrastracture classes (PlaygroundView) from model (PlaygroundModel) by a bridge (Hand). Now the implementation Hand is Android independent and we can finally test it :-)

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